Our Values


Commitment to Equity

We recognize and respect social, linguistic, cultural, and ethnic diversity, and the unique needs of families and communities. We acknowledge opportunity gaps exists for children and families based on race, ethnicity, gender, income, ability, culture, and geography. We commit to eliminating these gaps and addressing root causes.

Strengths Based

We believe in focusing on assets, rather than barriers or deficits. We are diligently focused on promoting positive strategies that work for children, families, and communities.



Honoring Children and families

We honor families as their child’s first teachers and strongest advocates. We commit to working beside and with parents, family members, and all other caregivers to help all children achieve their greatest potential.

Embrace Community Voice

We believe children, families, and communities are integral in creating policy and making program decisions that impact their lives. We believe local communities are best suited to identify community needs, and we commit to innovative solutions that are co-designed from the beginning.



Achieve Excellence

We commit to making Washington Communities for Children impactful and effective. We recognize systems work is complex and requires constant and continuous design. We will define our desired outcomes, document our progress, and measure results. We adhere to the principles of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), adjusting and changing plans as needed.